Welcome to Houston Helps

Mission Statement: Houston Helps is a group of Houston-based volunteers who are contributing time, money, expertise, and labor for the purpose of helping fellow Houstonians affected by the recent 15-Day Closure Order to combat the spread of COVID-19. This order affects everyone but it is particularly difficult on service industry workers. This organization has one goal: To match assistance with those who most need it during this extraordinary time. We are volunteers. We are your neighbors. We are here to help.

At this time Houston Helps is no longer processing new applications for assistance.
Please click here for other assistance resources.

Request Assistance

If you were personally affected by the recent closure order, use this link to request assistance.

Offer to Help

If you would like to offer assistance of any kind, use this link to submit your information and details.


If you would like to volunteer with Houston Helps, use this link to submit your contact information and availability.